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Merging in Motion

23. July - 31. July 2024

an international artistic movement project

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We invite you to a co-creative movement project

A 9-day-journey of movement, dance and creative expression

The project aims to create a safe environment for you in which you can explore connection, creative expression and body awareness through dance improvisation in an international group.


The guided methods combine approaches from contemporary dance, martial arts, bodywork and body therapy to allow a deep investigation into the topics of connection and creative expression.

After establishing a common and safe ground in moving together and relating with each other, we will be able to deepen our knowledge and research about our bodies. Allowing inner and outer movement. We will conclude our journey by developing short performances for our private open stage.


This project allows you to discover new possibilities to connect and relate in a respectful and nourishing way with your body, other bodies and the surrounding, as well as to express yourself through dance.

We research together...

For yu

How to join Merging in motion

For whom

You are welcome to come with your own curioisity and willingness to explore your body, relation with others, movement, dance, creative expression, co-creation and the beautiful nature surrounding.

We welcome movement beginners as much as somatic and artistic nerds.

We have around 30 funded places for people from Germany, Italy and Switzerland that are up to 30 years old. IMPORTANT: It is not your nationality, but place of residence that counts. The funding will cover the project and travel expenses.  We also have few places for people older than 30 years. If you do not have a residency in one of the 3 countries or are older than 30 years, you can participate for a normal contribution (see below).

We welcome every BODY

We are celebrating diversity of identities and experiences. We want to honour every body in its unique beauty and expression.

We want to raise awareness of the role that bodies play in creating discrimination and oppression. And reflect on how we can create inclusive and bodypositive spaces together, during our project - and beyond. 

We want to extend kindness, uplift marginalized voices and honor everyones well-being. 

If you have a marginalized perspective, please let us know if there is anything we can do to support your well-being. 


We denounce all forms of oppression and discrimination, including racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, antifeminism and more.


The team will provide a lot of great frames for you to explore and to learn, to reflect and to feel held. Yet we wish for people to joyn that come with their own interest and motiviation for this journey and international exchange.  That joyn with the wish to discover new aspects in moving  and living together, in creative expression, their bodys or themselves. In the two creative research labs to prepare for the open stage, you will go with a small group or individually in a self-responsible research and creation process. In the kitchen and cleaning of the infrastructure everybody will support the community with two shifts of around 4 hours. In the middle of the journey there will be a co-creation day, that the group will shape in a self-responsible way according to everyones needs and interestes in skill sharing. We will work with a resaerch-journal (paperbook) to accompany the somatic journey with written or drawn reflections and insights, guided by your personal research questions and learning intentions. 


Together we will create a safe container and offer a lot of precious input, so that we can individually and collectively research on topics and questions that are important for us.

Location & Logistics

Welcome to this calm nature paradise in canton Bern. There is a very beautiful, big room where our activities and our co-living will happen and a beautiful outside area in the middle of nature to explore.
We will all camp outside in tents or campers next to the river. There is a semi-outside infrastrucutre that we will use for cooking, eating and all the rest.

Unfortunately the venue is not accessible with wheelchairs. 


Bring your own tent and whatever you need to stay warm and cozy for being outside. If you want to come with your van, let us know, because there are limited spots. In case of extreme weather conditions, there will always be the option to sleep inside. The infrastructure provides of course warm showers, toilets and even a hot-pot.


We have one person in our team that will take care of the organisation and coordintation of the food. With the help of everyone we will create 3 delicious vegetarian / vegan meals per day. Everybody will help twice in the kitchen to prepare a meal and clean afterwards. Miri the cook will have the main responsibilty and coordinate everything. 


This project is funded by Movetia. A great suisse organisation, helping to realise international exchange projects for young people until 30 years. You find more information here:

You can apply for a funded spot if you are 30 years old or younger and resident in Switzerland, Germany, or Italy

The travel costs will be covered up to 400.- Euros for participants from Italy and Germany and up to 50.- francs for Swiss participants. Your contribution for the organisation and professional trainers will be only 150Chf/Euros for the whole project.


If you are older than 30 years and/or from an other country you can apply for a normal spot.

In this case the contribution is 450 CHF - 800 CHF.
You can as well apply for one of 2 Helper Spots for 250 CHF.

You will find more information in the application


Apply now to join this project!  There are limited spots for each country. We will give priority to people applying with marginalized perspectives. The most important for us is not your previous experience, but your curiosity! So, if you are curious, please apply, even if you are new to dance and movement!  We will try to put together the most diverse group we can in terms of cultural/ethnic  background, gender and experience.

We will collect all the application and inform you latest to the end of April if you can participate in the project. Then we will send you all the informations to send us a deposit and safe the spot for you.

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